Captain Marvel: A Prequel tale of Marvel Avengers

I have been an avid fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe and after watching the spectacle of the mega-blockbuster Avengers-Infinity War, and still gushing over it, could only wait for the ‘Avengers-Endgame’ to match the effect. Much speculated movie of this series, Captain Marvel is here and I thought what more could it offer or add to the extravaganza of the previous movies! And this is where I was wrong…. Each Marvel movie is unique in its own way, it creates an enigma and curiosity towards the next in series, whereas, effectively maintains the link between the previous ones.

Captain Marvel is an extraordinary accession to the Marvel movies and has great performances and actions as in any other movie of the series. The story is one of the best among MCU movies so far.

Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel) is created by the Tesseract’s energy and is manipulated by the Krees to serve their purpose. She turns out a warrior amidst the intergalactic battle between people from Earth, the Krees and the Skrulls. Nick Fury helps her not only uncover the truths from her past but also win the war. Captain Marvel emerges the real first avenger, and the movie also sheds light on the creation of Avengers program.

The first few minutes of the movie seem a bit uninteresting when our minds drift between taking delight in the special effects and visual impressions, and simultaneously trying to wrap our thoughts around the story to figure out the sequence of events. The connect begins with the familiarity of our home planet (Earth) and that is when we begin to establish the interest and attention. And the rest just follows with mounting curiosity and ensued enthusiasm. Marvel movies are embedded with tasteful humor and the same is seen in this movie too. There are certain ‘wow’ moments that leave the audience astound.

It’s a first female-led superhero movie, but when MCU projects a superhero, we only see a superhero and forget whether it’s a male or female….and that’s the best quality of these movies!

For all of the above reasons and more, it’s a must watch for any Marvel fan. And a good watch for non-marvel fans because ‘’Imagination is boundless and true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination’’

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