Sports and me

I was never a sportsperson in my glorious school days…a sincere and studious kind with the readiness to skip games class given a chance. Years passed and I never really developed a keen interest in sports, it was just an existing occurrence where I occasionally indulged.
Then, recently, I received the privilege of attending the inaugural function of Khelo India Youth Games held at Pune…and that transformed my attitude towards sports and games completely. The mere grandeur of the event, witnessing the dedication of numerous participants, organizers, audience and the government authorities, breath-taking performances and the high acknowledgement of the talent and interest of participants simply left me awestruck! How could I have been so detached from this integral part of our life? Dedication of both parents and participants who had worked for a long time to reach here today and showcase their sincere efforts simply moved me and I was instantly motivated to encourage my child from this day onwards in sports activity.
I realised how sports keeps us fit not only physically but also mentally and spiritually and which was clearly depicted in the brilliant acts presented by the participants. Though I regret having ignored this important aspect for a significant amount of years but I pledge now to bring due importance of sports and fitness into my life. With this insight, I request every person to be aware of the significance of games, sports and fitness and encourage it within and around them. Students, inculcate the habit of playing sports of any/all kind right from school, participate as much and stay fit and healthy!

4 thoughts on “Sports and me

  1. Your views & reviews or shall I say confessions & acknowledgements 🙂 echo the sentiments of many parents who had similar nostalgic outbursts at sports days or annual day events pushing them towards a consious and driven effort to support their child outside the coccuneed spectrum of so called academic competition.
    I am sure these writings will comfort many with the feeling of not being alone and motivate them to shape such realisations and not let it go by as just any other thought.

    Loved reading it, keep it coming … !

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