‘Jalebi’….the everlasting taste of love

After watching the movie “Jalebi”…… I was too stunned with emotions and was left spellbound! Only when I processed the intense story…..characters….their emotions and journey that I realised the brilliance of it. The movie is a class ! How a girl resolves her years of resentment and angst through a simple train journey where she discovers herself again…I loved how the story moves by connecting dots from past through present….very beautifully and cleverly depicted….like pearls in a necklace! There are no loose ends in the story. Some may find the pace a little slow but emotional resolves need patience. The strong messages like “ It’s not always a woman who needs to sacrifice for making a relation beautiful” and “ If you love a flower do not pluck….water it” ….in this case….it was letting go! The twists in the storyline….. like the truth about child…..end of the movie….. are just like twists in a jalebi. Other relatable characters in the form of co passengers and how they contribute to the main story is again a genius. In all….I loved this jalebi and its everlasting after taste in heart! The music is amazing and soulful and most important…the songs are situational and relate to the story! A must watch for anyone and everyone who is not afraid of emotions! Bravo team Jalebi and well done Pushpdeep Bhardwaj!

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